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We Partner Directly with Business Owners
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Our R&D tax specialists have helped over 2,700 companies claim over $800M+ in Federal and state credits. We work as your trusted partner to ensure your tax credit is calculated accurately and leveraged fully so you maximize tax savings. 

Any business in almost any industry can be eligible for the R&D Tax Credit if it meets the Four-Part Capstan Criteria. Our commitment to efficient report delivery means you receive your report in 3 to 6 months – half the industry average

Discover your untapped credit value today. Speak to a Capstan R&D tax specialist for a customized plan to maximize tax savings.

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What You Can Expect from Us

Physical Report

We deliver raw data, tables, visual representations of data, and thorough analysis

Efficient Report Delivery

Most reports completed in 3-6 months – half the industry average


IRS-preferred project-based analysis methodology


Flat-fee structure means no unexpected additional fees

On-Site Data Collection

We ensure all possible qualified expenses are captured

Seamless Collaboration

Whatever your communication style, we do it your way

A Powerful Incentive to Drive Innovation & Growth

Take the burden off your shoulders and let the professionals handle your R&D Tax Credit Study.

Let us customize a plan to maximize your tax savings.

Need an Estimate of Benefits now?
Call us directly at 215-885-7510