Here we are.  It’s mid-July. The challenges of the last few months have kept everyone busy, and somehow time continues to march on.

Those challenges have come in many forms.  We’ve faced some as individuals, some as companies, and some as a nation.   Many have been unexpected, and regretfully, unwelcome. But come they have!

Here at Capstan we’ve been using the acronym “VUCA” as kind of a shorthand way to refer to the current situation.  VUCA describes the ever-changing landscape we navigate daily, in both the personal and professional spheres.  VUCA is always in play to some degree, but 2020 has really been a banner year for it.

VUCA stands for:

V – Volatility

U – Uncertainty

C – Change

A – Ambiguity

Early in the quarantine period, the Capstan Team engaged in a virtual book club, focusing on Mark Divine’s 2013 release, The Way of the Seal.   A retired Navy Seal, Divine outlines strategies developed during his elite training and demonstrates how these principles translate to success in business, leadership, and personal growth. There was a particular emphasis on recognizing and managing VUCA, or at least thoughtfully managing one’s response to VUCA.

After eight weeks of “book club,” the Capstan team has implemented a number of Divine’s ideas into our regular meetings and team dialogue.  From setting up boat crews, to work on strategic projects, to team box breathing exercises, we have become a much tighter unit, ready for the next round of VUCA.

For those who are interested in learning more, The Way of the Seal is available on Amazon and on Divine’s website, where there is further information about his self-development program, Unbeatable Mind (

We hope all of you are well and are on your way to achieving your 2020 goals. As always, Capstan is here to help you any way we can. Together, we’ve got this!