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Project Engineer

November 17, 2022

The Project Engineer is primarily charged with completing cost segregation studies. This involves working with the client/s, senior management team, sales team, and any other contacts, in order to proficiently and efficiently complete reports, and successfully deal with client accounts. The Project Engineer professionally gathers data about client properties, typically performs a detailed on-site review and then uses this information, and their technical training, to complete a multi-step, assessment process that will efficiently complete the cost-segregation study.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

  • Construct cost segregation reports. This entails:
    • Preliminary Research
      • Review file
      • Confirm signed engagement and estimate of benefits
      • Review depreciation schedule
      • Determine point of contact for site visit
      • Schedule site visit
      • Review production instructions from company’s intranet or sales person
      • Confirm services dates and cost basis for project
      • Review plans and invoices
      • Print out necessary checklists and other engineering input tools
    • Site Visit
      • Meet with contact personnel, and discuss any issues not resolved during preliminary phase
      • Complete walk through
        • In addition to field notes, photo document all relevant assets
        • Walk all common areas and exterior shell
        • Walk the outdoor site and document land improvements
      • Spreadsheet and Word Document Creation
        • Input all building assets into filter spreadsheets
        • Write up property descriptions and insert photos in word template
        • Use to generate report and insert in word template
        • Adjust template to meet specific production instructions
      • Review Process
        • Upload word document, spread sheet, and photos to corporate server
        • Receive comments and reviews from management staff
        • Create PDF upon completion and use Insight to email to all that are indicated
        • Follow up with client to make sure it is acceptable
      • Attend Monday morning staff meetings, technical meetings, training sessions, and regional/ company-wide meetings
      • Communicate with salesperson on all correspondence with the client on assigned projects
      • Alert salesperson of any issues with the project
      • Ask questions if data, or information, is not complete

      Position Requirements

      • Skills
        • Ability to work independently
        • Communication, writing and computer skills (Microsoft Office proficiency)
        • Ability to expertly read and understand architectural and engineering construction plans and specifications
        • Participate in weekly team meetings and provide updates of activities, areas requiring assistance and areas for potential tools improvement
        • Ability to use industry standard cost estimation sources to ascertain the cost of various building and site components
        • Ability to segregate building utility system components (IRS MACRS class lives) into different classifications based on the utilization of the system within the facility
        • Ability to cost the various components of a building
        • Ability to multi-task while maintaining careful attention to detail and accuracy
        • Provide timely, high-quality client service that meets or exceeds client expectations
        • Problem solving is an important attribute to manage unique project facts as they come up
      • Experience
        • Work experience in the field of commercial real estate or property condition assessments a plus: ex. construction
        • Management, building design, building management/maintenance
      • Education
        • Minimum four-year engineering or technical degree

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