Capstan Live Podcast imageWe’re proud to announce the launch of our new podcast!

The Capstan Tax Strategies team is known for cutting-edge industry insight, technical precision, and of course, our great personalities.  Capstan LIVE delivers more of the same – straight to you!  We’ll take on hot topics, real estate trends, and legislative updates, with a focus on sharing the timely, straightforward, actionable information that you and your clients need. If you own real estate or advise someone who does, tune in to Capstan LIVE.   Our strength, your tax savings – live!

You can find Capstan LIVE on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and at our website,

For even more learning power, we’ll often post a podcast with a corresponding blog or tool, so you can do a really deep dive into a given subject.

Our first two episodes focus on “Revisiting QIP” and “Assisted-Living Facilities.”  Blogs on both subjects are available at for further reading.

New episodes will drop regularly – please let us know what topics would be most useful to you!