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Tax Savings Opportunities for Real Estate and Business Owners


You’ve Got a Business to Run.  
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Whatever your industry, you need capital to grow.  

Specialty tax incentives can be a stream of revenue you never knew existed.  

Capstan works closely with you and your tax professionals to create and implement a comprehensive plan that maximizes tax savings.  

Fully Leverage Your Business Activity and/or Real Estate Holdings 

Specialty Tax Strategies Minimize Your Tax Liability and Increase Cash Flow  


R&D Tax Credits Studies

Companies that create or improve a product or process as part of business activity may offset their tax liability by claiming their qualifying expenses. Business owners save 6-figures or more by cashing in on the work they are already doing. 


Cost Segregation Studies

Break out assets, land improvements, and tangible personal property to accelerate real estate depreciation. Plus, make the most of property improvements by writing-off disposed assets when renovations are complete.


EPAct 179D Energy Studies

Ground-up energy-efficient construction or energy-efficient retrofits can benefit from this significant deduction. The value of this federal incentive varies with property square footage and may be taken multiple times in a project’s lifetime. 

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Personalized Approach to Tax Consulting

Tell us what’s important to you and your clients.     

What are the priorities for today?  What are the plans for tomorrow?     

We’ll listen.  We’ll ask questions.    

Then we’ll create a customized plan to maximize tax savings.      

And we’ll do it your way.   

A Trusted Referral Partner   

We treat your clients with care and respect, while recognizing the primacy of the CPA-client relationship.

  • Robust Multi-Disciplinary team of Engineers, Attorneys, and Tax Professionals    
  • Deliverables Designed to Meet and Exceed IRS-Guidance    
  • NASBA-Certified Subject Matter Experts    
  • Technical Professionals, Personal Touch    

Save Money With Engineering-Based Tax Incentives

A Look at the Capstan Process 


We meet to understand the facts and circumstances of each project so we can
suggest the right tax strategies to meet  your needs.


Considering the timeline, estimated benefits, and property details, we create a customized plan to maximize tax savings.


Our engineers and specialty tax advisors give you the necessary data and analysis to support tax savings.


We actively revisit projects if new savings opportunities become available and stand by our service with a warranty of no-cost audit defense.


Precise | Responsive | Trustworthy 

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