Tax Saving Opportunities for Tangible Property and Other Fixed Assets

Maximizing the tax efficiency of fixed assets so you can maximize savings and plan for future opportunities.


Paying higher taxes on real estate and other fixed assets takes capital away from building your business. You deserve a tax strategy that optimizes ALL opportunities for tax savings, so you can focus on future opportunities for your properties.


Accelerate Depreciation

Break out assets, land improvements, and tangible personal property to accelerate depreciation.


Write-Off Renovations

Make the most of property improvements by writing-off disposed assets when renovations are complete.


Maximize Deductions

Confidently know what you owe, maximizing deductions so you can spend that capital growing your business.

You Should be Able to Maximize Your Real Estate Depreciation, Saving You Money on Taxes

You have multiple properties, some of which are in different states. You know there has to be a way to maximize deductions on your commercial properties, but you’re not sure what you can deduct, what limits apply, and what new tax opportunities could save you money.

Tackling this on your own would be overwhelming. You deserve an expert to help you maximize deductions, plan for renovations, and help you grow your business.

For over 16 years, the Capstan team has helped business owners of commercial property maximize tax savings on their fixed assets. Our deep understanding of tax law — including recent tax court cases and revenue rulings — coupled with our knowledge of engineering and building technologies, help you take advantage of every opportunity. We work closely with you and your CPA, collaborating to achieve the best possible outcome.

Don’t be overwhelmed by commercial property taxes. Why wonder if you’ve truly maximized your deductions? Capstan Tax Strategies can help you with real estate tax strategies so you can confidently maximize deductions, renovate properties, and plan for future growth.

Maximize Tax Savings on Commercial Real Estate

Why wonder if you’ve truly maximized your real estate tax savings?  We’ll work with your CPA to take care of this, so you can focus on taking care of business.

Services for CPAs

In the face of growing tax code complexity, it’s almost impossible to cover every area with in-house resources. For expertise in understanding and applying the myriad of complexities with the Tangible Property regulations and other IRS Code impacting commercial real estate, turn to Capstan Tax Strategies.

Services for Business Owners

Accelerating depreciation has long been a strategy employed by real estate owners to take advantage of immediate tax savings. The Tangible Property Regulations and the recent Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has created significant opportunities that elevate the many uses of Cost Segregation Studies. Learn how Capstan can help.

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The Capstan Promise

For over 16 years, we have helped clients depreciate commercial real estate through cost segregation studies, maximizing deductions to help them grow their business. As nationally recognized Subject Matter Experts, we share our knowledge with owners, investors, and tax professionals.

We Promise…

  • Highly trained engineers and specialty tax advisors who review and deliver accurate studies, data, and analysis
  • Cost Segregation Studies that provides documentation necessary to accelerate asset depreciation from 39-year/27.5-year lives to 5,7, and 15-year lives
  • Work product that adheres to both the IRS Audit Techniques Guidelines (ATG) and the American Society of Cost Segregation Professionals’ (ASCSP) Minimum Quality Standards for Cost Segregation Studies
  • No-cost audit defense up to the field agent level, in the unlikely event of an audit
  • To be accessible, responsive, and focused on your success
  • To work closely with your CPA, making the process seamless for you.

Your Cost Segregation Study Saves You Money on Your Commercial Real Estate Taxes


We meet to understand the facts and circumstances of each project so we can
suggest the right tax strategies to meet  your needs.


Considering the timeline, estimated benefits, and property details, we create a customized plan to maximize tax savings.


Our engineers and specialty tax advisors give you the necessary data and analysis to support tax savings.


We actively revisit projects if new savings opportunities become available and stand by our service with a warranty of no-cost audit defense.

Stay Focused

You don’t have to be overwhelmed by Tangible Property and other Fixed Asset Regulations. We help you maximize your tax savings so you can focus on the core of your business.

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