It’s official – we’ve hit them all!   

Capstan engineers have braved the scorching deserts of New Mexico, the glacial tundra of Alaska, and the swampy marshlands of the Florida Everglades.  From the bustling pavements of New York to the sunny shores of California, we’d conducted site visits in every US state – except one.   


Montana was the holdout.   

Scenic and vast, the “Treasure State” isn’t teeming with real estate activity.  In fact, the human population of Montana is far outnumbered by those of elk, antelope, and deer.  The average population density in Montana is a mere 7 people per square mile.  (For comparison’s sake, the average population density in Capstan’s home state of Pennsylvania is 286 people per square mile.)  

So it wasn’t too surprising that we had never booked any jobs in Montana.  (Elk, deer, and grizzly bears aren’t known for their strategic tax planning.)   

But one fine day, the call did come, and off went Ty Wimmer.  He truly enjoyed the unspoiled beauty of “Big Sky Country,” and was thrilled to have finally checked off that final state for the Capstan team.    

Here’s to you, Montana.  Hope to see you again sometime.


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