Welcome to a new monthly feature in which we go behind “Behind the Scenes” to learn more about a member of the Capstan team.   If you’d like to see someone specific featured, let us know!   

Lindsey King is a renaissance woman.   You probably know her as Capstan’s R&D Success Manager, where she leads our team in capturing federal and state research-based tax credits.  But that’s just the beginning of Lindsey’s talents.  She’s an amazing cook, a talented artist, and recently launched her own custom embroidery business.  Did we mention she’s also a lawyer?  In this month’s Behind the Scenes, we chat about the many talents of Lindsey King.    

Inquiring minds must know – how did you go from graduating law school to working in R&D? 

My career has taken an interesting trajectory [laughs.]  I never wanted to practice traditional litigation, and found that I preferred transactional law, helping businesses deal with contracts and other transactions.  I’m also intellectually curious – I love learning new things.  Working with R&D Tax Credits allows me to leverage my transactional law background while getting to learn about a brand-new industry with each study performed.  One week I’m learning the chemistry of winemaking and the next I’m learning how to route an HVAC system into a surgical unit.  This is a dream job for someone who loves to learn.   

So you’re saying that working at Capstan is a dream come true?  

I know you’re kidding, but it really is.  I love working at Capstan because of the learning opportunities, but also because of the relationships.  I’ve never seen a company where the relationships with clients were so warm and friendly.  I also love how team members relate to each other.  When I got Covid, my supervisor had chicken soup delivered to my door and insisted that I do nothing but rest until I felt better.  Isn’t that amazing?  

We are pretty great.  And speaking of soup, we recently compiled a Capstan Cookbook and asked each team member to submit a recipe.   You submitted a whopping NINE recipes which were all incredible.  Do you have a culinary background? 

Nothing formal, but I’ve always loved cooking, and have been learning from my mom and my nana since I was a little girl.  My husband Brian and I are always interested in trying out new recipes and techniques.  You’d probably consider us adventurous eaters. 

Um, what exactly do you mean by “adventurous?”  

Well, I recently made chicken-fried rattlesnake for the first time.  It was delicious! 

Rattlesnake?  What does rattlesnake taste like?  

Well, have you had alligator?  

Emphatically not.  Are you saying that rattlesnake tastes like alligator? 

Yes, to a degree.  They’re all white meats, so not really that different from chicken.   

Let’s move on.  Like many of us, you took up a new hobby during the pandemic.  Unlike most of us, you turned that hobby into a cottage industry.   

Yes, I guess so [laughs.]  I bought a small embroidery machine – 1 needle, 1 color – and taught myself to make small gifts.  I wanted to make more involved designs and upgraded to a 10 needle machine.  I began using design software to create logos and orders from local businesses started to roll in.  I’ve created over 1200 branded items for companies, and many more for gifts. 

Lindsey King can be reached at lking@capstantax.com.  She’s open to discussing R&D Tax Credits and sharing her rattlesnake recipe.    


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