Gina Spinosa

Client Success Representative

Welcome to a new monthly feature in which we go behind “Behind the Scenes” to learn more about a member of the Capstan team.   If you’d like to see someone specific featured, let us know!    

As a key member of the Client Success Team, Gina works hard to make every client’s experience smooth and seamless. She’s all business. But in this Behind the Scenes, Gina shows off her fun side. Read on for the discovery of the “Capstan Coincidence,” a salad recipe your lizard will love, and Gina’s surprising connection to a semi-famous literary ghost.  

Gina, you came to Capstan with a lot of customer service experience, right?  

Gina: That’s true, I worked in customer service in a large and fast-paced auto dealership. That’s how I first met Bruce, actually.  

Wait, you met Bruce at the dealership? Is that how you found out about Capstan? 

Gina: Well, Bruce and his wife bought a car, and I walked them through the process and the paperwork. We didn’t talk about Capstan at all. It was just by chance that I applied about a year later – and Bruce recognized me right away.  

What a Capstan Coincidence!  I’d like to trademark that, “Capstan Coincidence.” 

Gina: I’ll give you another “Capstan Coincidence.” On my first day of work a few people took me out for a welcome lunch. It turned out that Aileen Gullotti had been my neighbor for years and somehow we had never met! 

Wow! Well I know you really hit it off when you finally did connect.  

Gina: Yeah, Aileen is fantastic — she and I work well together and share a lot of common ground. The truth is though, the whole Capstan team is great to work with. I know we have a really involved, extensive hiring process, but I honestly feel like it pays off – every member of the team is amazing.  

And as part of the Client Success Team, you end up dealing with pretty much everyone, so it’s a good thing you like us.  

Gina [Chuckles]: Yes, it is a good thing. I support Bruce quite a bit, and that’s been a great match. I really like to accomplish things, I’m a huge checklist person who wants to get things done, and Bruce and I are a good fit that way. 

Correct me if I’m wrong Gina, but don’t you have like 8 pets?  

Gina [Laughs]: Not 8, but we do have 3. We have our dog Tucker, our bunny Midnight, and Tank, our bearded dragon.  

Wow, a bearded dragon!  Do I want to know what he eats?  

Gina: Well, he does eat crickets [makes face.] But he also eats a lot of salad – I make him a nice salad with collard greens, blueberries, bell pepper, a little red onion…   

Besides making Tank what sounds like a delicious salad, what do you do when you’re off-the-clock? 

Gina: My son James is very sporty, so we spend a lot of time doing sports-related activities. We also enjoy fishing and boating, especially at my in-laws’ place.  

Oh, and movies of course. We just finished watching all the Harry Potter movies.  

Ooh, here’s an off-the-wall question. Which Harry Potter character are you?  

Gina [Immediately]: Moaning Myrtle.  

Moaning Myrtle? The ghost who lives in the toilet? Why?  

Gina [Laughing]: I’ve actually given it some thought. Myrtle is insightful and observant. She tells it like it is. And I think I’m similar.  

You are perceptive, and honest, and straightforward… I guess you are Moaning Myrtle?  

Gina [Firmly]: I am. Except for the ghost part. And the toilet part.    

Gina can be reached at and is open to new lizard-friendly salad recipes.