Aileen Gullotti

Manager of Client Success

Welcome to a new monthly feature in which we go behind “Behind the Scenes” to learn more about a member of the Capstan team.   If you’d like to see someone specific featured, let us know!    

Aileen has many aliases around the office – she’s the “Salesforce Queen” and the “glue” that holds it all together. She’s never met a copier she couldn’t repair, or a system she couldn’t improve. In this month’s Behind the Scenes, Aileen describes her Capstan journey, her hands-off management approach, and the joys of doggie DNA tests. 

Today you’re the Manager of the Client Success team, and frankly, you’re indispensable. But can we talk about your crazy Capstan journey? 

Aileen [laughs]: It’s been a little crazy, you’re right. I started part-time, answering the phones. My son played soccer with Terri’s son, and she happened to mention that they were looking for office help on Fridays. I got the hang of things pretty quickly.   

That’s kind of an understatement Aileen – you went from a part-time receptionist to a full-time Account Manager in less than a year.  

Aileen [modestly]: Well, I don’t back down from challenges. I love figuring things out, and in the early days of Capstan, there were a lot of things to figure out. We had to establish and refine so many back-office systems and processes. 

And today you manage your own team. How do you describe your management style?  

Aileen [firmly]: I think the best way to manage is to set up a great system. If you have solid people and a solid system, you can get out of the way and let it succeed.  

I’m always available when issues arise, but I try to keep things running smoothly on a process-level, so we don’t have non-stop fires to put out.  

That brings me to a question I’ve been dying to ask. Aileen, even when there are fires to put out – even if something really major happens – I’ve never seen you lose your cool. How do you stay so calm all the time?  

Aileen [chuckles]:  I don’t think my kids would say that I’m calm all the time…  

Well, you’re very calm at work. 

Aileen: At work, my instinct is not to panic, but to problem-solve. There’s always something that can be done.  

When you’re not being amazing at the office, what do you do for fun?  

Aileen: I’m a mom of two and their sports schedules keep us really busy. We like to hike as a family, and often take Tootsie along.  

Aww, how is your dog, Tootsie?  

Aileen: She’s great!  Do you want to hear something crazy?  We just did a DNA test on her. 

They have DNA tests for dogs?  

Aileen: They have lots of them. You can learn about the breed mix, the ancestry, even find out about any relatives. We were connected with Tootsie’s brother who actually lives locally. We hope to get them together soon.  

A reunion between two long-lost dog siblings? That is simultaneously dramatic and adorable! 

Aileen: I’ll try to get a picture for you! 

If you’d like to see the picture, Aileen can be reached at