The Capstan team has always striven to drill down complex information in an organized and manageable way through our accelerators and flowcharts.  After the recent passing of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), we received many requests for an updated version of the Capstan Depreciation Accelerator that would break down the most relevant provisions of the TCJA for real estate.  We’re thrilled to announce that this streamlined tool is complete and ready for distribution, and we are honored that so many of you turn to Capstan for these materials.

The new, post-TCJA Depreciation Accelerator is designed to serve as a companion piece to the original.  The new piece is styled similarly to the original for easy navigation, but the pieces can be differentiated at a glance by color.  Printing in black and white?  Look for the identifying band running down the left-hand side of the document.  The original, pre-TCJA Depreciation Accelerator has been updated as well, now reflecting TCJA provisions taking effect after 9/27/2017.  We have also developed a flowchart to guide in determining whether qualifying property must be depreciated using ADS, or may be depreciated using shorter MACRS class lives.  To request copies of both the Pre-and-Post-TCJA Accelerators, as well as the ADS/MACRS decision tree, please click here.

Once you get your tools, please feel free to reach out with any questions.  Terri Johnson, Bruce Johnson, and Carly Ferris are standing by to help you become familiar with these pieces and to assist as you explore the options the TCJA might bring your way.