Welcome to Capstan Tax Strategies’ new website and blog! Although Capstan is a new name, our founders have more than 50 years of combined experience in the delivery of engineering-driven tax solutions. The team you’ve come to trust is still here, providing the same outstanding service and support that has made us an industry leader.
Our new name pays tribute to an old nautical instrument. Located at the center of the main deck on a sailing ship, the capstan was a rotating machine which provided the force necessary to raise sails or lower anchors. Successful operation of the capstan required the effort of a team – no single sailor could perform the task alone. Similarly, Capstan Tax Strategies works as a team and works with your team, collaborating with you to accelerate depreciation, maximize tax efficiencies and set the sails of your ship towards success.

Who We Are

Bruce Johnson, MBA, CEM and Terri Johnson, CRE are Capstan’s co-founders and firm Partners. They are joined by Ziv Carmel, CCSP, who is a Partner as well as Capstan’s Director of Engineering. LyChou Kouai, David Stephens, and Josh Rosenbloom are Capstan’s Project Engineers, and Michael Breeze, MBA, serves as CFO. The firm’s Partners and Engineers are supported by a skilled administrative staff that includes Office Manager Mary McCormick, Account Manager Aileen Scharle and Special Projects Coordinator Helena Carmel.

What We Do

At Capstan Tax Strategies, our goal is to help clients identify and capture tax savings related to commercial real estate, including those connected to Tangible Property and other Fixed Asset Regulations. Our services include a full suite of cost segregation studies and associated analyses, useful to property owners and to the accountants who represent them. Capstan also offers CPA-specific services, providing consultation and guidance to tax professionals who wish to grow their knowledge base through webinars, live CPE events and company-specific presentations.

Our clients count on us to be collaborative, competent and committed.  Unlike many third-party consultants, we work closely with our clients, developing warm business relationships while serving as a real partner for the long term.   We often work with CPAs, supporting and augmenting in-house expertise, and work directly with real estate owners as well.   Our clients trust our experience in selecting the most appropriate strategies and trust our skill in performing the related studies.   We are committed to tax savings and client satisfaction.   And remember – while the name is new and fresh, the team is mature and experienced — we have prepared more than 3,000 engineering-driven studies for clients nationwide.

The Capstan Course graphicOur Approach

We use a four-step approach, known as The Capstan Course. The first phase is the Consult, in which we take the time to really listen to the client, and make certain we understand his unique situation and his short and long-term goals. After assessing the background information, we then recommend the most appropriate specialty tax strategies and studies – no cookie- cutter approach here. The third phase of The Capstan Course is the Study itself, where our engineers and specialty tax advisors really shine as they provide our clients with accurate, precise and timely analysis. Finally, Capstan is committed to Support you. We stand behind the work we do and provide no-cost IRS audit support to any client who might require it – that’s the Capstan Warranty.

The new Capstan brand reflects our vision for dynamic growth based on strong client relationships. We are extremely grateful for the support of our existing clients and are enthusiastic about developing new connections. We invite you to visit our website at www.capstantax.com, give us a call at 215.885.7510, follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google +, or shoot us an email at tjohnson@capstantax.com.

We look forward to helping you succeed. As you chart your course for prosperity – let us be your Capstan.