Todd French

Todd French

Regional Director

With nearly three decades of experience in financial services and business development, Todd French has learned a thing or two about closing a deal – and it’s not what you might think.  Todd isn’t about slick pitches or hard sells.  Communication, fiscal know-how, and rock-solid integrity have been the secrets to Todd’s success.  

Todd makes a point of “seeking to understand” each client’s situation. He then analyzes the facts, and offers customized solutions that are both easily implemented and tremendously impactful.   

Todd began his career in banking, which is where he first learned to “talk numbers.”  He enjoyed helping clients make educated financial decisions, and eventually transitioned into brokerage.  Todd launched his own firm with a partner, growing the operation to a team of 75 employees and $20M in annual revenue.   

After hearing many clients say that they would love to do XYZ – if only they had the capital — Todd began to seek out additional revenue streams that might benefit his clients.  Tax strategies were the natural conclusion, and Todd never looked back.  To date, Todd has saved clients over $150M in taxes.  His diligence, financial acumen, and relationship-first attitude make Todd a trusted advisor to taxpayers  nationwide.   

Happily married with a brilliant nine-year-old son, Todd makes his home in Texas.  His family enjoys movie nights and cheering on the Dallas Stars and – surprisingly – Manchester United.  

Todd holds Bachelor’s Degrees in Business Management and Marketing from the University of Phoenix.