Thomas B. Hamel, MST, CPA

Thomas B. Hamel, MST, CPA

Director of Tax

Tom Hamel has over 30 years’ experience as a CPA focused on taxation in public accounting. As Capstan’s Director of Tax, Tom is responsible for managing Capstan’s quality assurance program around tax reviews of Capstan’s work product. He supports the Capstan partners and technical team in reviewing tax legislation and positions, and fields tax questions from clients as they relate to Capstan’s reports. Tom is available to speak with clients and their CPAs, explaining the impact of cost segregation and answering scenario-specific questions. He often follows up those calls with further research.

Tom is a regular contributor to Capstan’s bi-weekly blog and issues white papers on new IRS regulations for distribution to Capstan clients. He also reviews the content of all Capstan webinars and presentations to ensure compliance with the firm’s NASBA certification. Tom serves as a trusted resource for all Capstan clients and staff, making certain that our knowledge of tax depreciation is up-to-the-minute, including any or all regulatory changes.

Tom has worked in public accounting for his entire career. During his early years, Tom worked with large international and regional full service CPA firms. He eventually built his own multi-state international tax practice where he specialized in estate, trust, partnership, individual and corporation tax planning and compliance. In his accounting practice, Tom consulted with clients and advised other CPA firms on taxation matters.

Tom’s goal in working with clients has consistently been to help strategically grow business through tax planning and compliance. Tom was an early adopter of the use of cost segregation as a tax savings technique. He became very familiar with the case law relevant to component depreciation, and was able to recognize the utility of cost segregation from the outset, recommending the technique to multiple clients. For example, Tom consulted with a medical practice group that owned multiple radiology and imaging centers and suggested that cost depreciation be employed as new MRI centers were built. The physicians in the practice saw immediate financial benefit and tax relief through the use of accelerated depreciation.

Tom serves as a resource to Capstan’s clients and their CPAs, combining his depth of knowledge with a common sense approach to explain cost segregation studies, the IRS Tangible Property Regulations, and their applications. His practical approach in breaking down complex tax subject matter into easily understood concepts is valued by Capstan clients. He enjoys being part of the Capstan Course, seeking to understand Client objectives and ensure that we are recommending the appropriate solutions to maximize tax saving opportunities.

A member in good standing in the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) and the Pennsylvania Institute of CPAs, Tom also serves as an officer of the Certified Steel Stud Association (CSSA), a specialized trade organization. He is also quite civic-minded, lending his skills to his community in his roles as Treasurer of the Bear Creek Historical Society and Controller of the Bear Creek Borough.

The proud parents of two active boys, Tom and his wife recently celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. He and his family enjoy golfing, kayaking, camping, and all things outdoors.

Tom holds a Master of Science in Taxation from Robert Morris University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in accounting from Grove City College.

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