Lindsey King, JD

Lindsey King, JD

R&D Success Manager

Lindsey is the R&D Success Manager at Capstan Tax Strategies, leading an interdisciplinary team of technical experts.  Lindsey works with engineers, attorneys, and tax and finance professionals to identify and maximize R&D Tax Credits.    In the last decade, Lindsey has personally conducted over 400 studies, identifying and substantiating more than $200 million in federal and state tax credits.  She has been spent time on-site in dozens of industries, and has a special interest in construction, architecture, manufacturing, automation, and robotics.

No company or project is the same, and Lindsey thrives on learning the ins and outs of each industry, no matter how unusual.  For example, Lindsey has completed a number of R&D Tax Credit Studies at wineries and breweries, documenting product and process improvements made by on-site chemists, winemakers, and brewmasters.  Lindsey enjoys the intellectual stimulation that the variety brings, and the length of her tenure in the field means that she’s seen it all.

Lindsey brings a blend of technical and interpersonal skills to the table.  She is analytical and process-oriented, but also friendly and relationship-driven.   In fact, Lindsey’s favorite part of the job is working with clients to create strong partnerships.

Lindsey is a Subject Matter Expert in architecture, manufacturing, and construction law.  She is a member of the Texas Bar Association, the Texas Tax Law and Construction Law Associations, and the Houston Young Lawyers Association.  Lindsey holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas Christian University and a Juris Doctor degree from Oklahoma City University School of Law.

Happily married with three dogs, Lindsey enjoys DIY projects and crafting in her spare time.  She also enjoys traveling, but this Texas native exclusively visits warm-weather destinations.