Isaac Downing

Isaac Downing

Regional Director

Over the last decade, Isaac Downing has played every role in the cost segregation industry – he’s been an engineer performing studies, an accountant reviewing studies, and a salesperson selling studies.  Now he’s bringing that wealth of experience – and the associated unique perspective — to Capstan Tax Strategies.

It’s not typical for salespeople to have accounting and engineering experience, but Downing is anything but typical.   A proud Marine, Isaac spent 4 years as a USMC Engineer, and then earned an additional degree in Accounting and Finance.  After a stint managing over $3B worth of fixed assets for a luxury hotel REIT, he began performing cost segregation projects in-house.   Isaac later moved to public accounting where he performed cost segregation studies on all major property types, working with basis upwards of $50M.  While functioning as the engineer on the projects, he actively looked for additional savings streams and effectively communicated those solutions to his clients.  He discovered he was a natural at sales, and found himself drawn to that side of the aisle.

As such, he spent several years in business development, building relationships with C-suite executives. Fortunately for Capstan, he decided the time was right to return to his cost seg roots.  Isaac’s professional journey means that he knows the industry inside and out, in a way that most salespeople simply never will.   This “inside baseball” enables him to serve his clients in a holistic way, and his friendly, results-driven approach speaks for itself.   Isaac exemplifies the Core Values of the Marine Corps, bringing honor, courage, and commitment to everything he does.

In his limited spare time, Isaac enjoys volunteering for VA-related charities, studying jiu-jitsu, and palling around with his loyal lab Charlie.


Isaac holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Finance from California Lutheran University, and a Certificate of Completion from the United States Marine Corps School of Engineering.