Adam Ireland

Adam Ireland

Regional Director


Adam Ireland has the ability and flexibility to work with clients of all backgrounds at every stage in the business life cycle.  He’s worked for Fortune 50 companies, small start-ups, and everything in between. An excellent communicator with a technical background, Adam is uniquely positioned to work with tax professionals and taxpayers.  He has overseen over 2500 R&D, Cost Segregation, and Energy studies, resulting in over $150M of tax savings.   

  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in English – Creative Writing, University of Redlands  
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree in Environmental Science, University of Redlands  
  • In the telecom industry, Adam’s specialties included managing large teams and creating valuable relationships with high-profile accounts.   
  • Adam then pivoted to working with growing start-ups in Silicon Valley.  His extensive knowledge of the software industry continues to inform his R&D Tax Credit practice.  
  • Most recently, Adam managed 3 different teams – a total of 23 people – as he built out the US division of an international firm focused on R&D Tax Credits.    
Behind the Scenes:  

Adam may make his home in sunny California, but he certainly has the travel bug.  Whether it’s snowboarding in Lake Tahoe, touring the ruins of Chichén Itzá, or sampling the gourmet delights of Italy, Adam and his lovely wife enjoy experiencing all the world has to offer.