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About Capstan Tax Strategies

Capstan Tax Strategies delivers engineering-driven specialty tax solutions that maximize the valuable tax benefits of real estate holdings. By complementing and collaborating with accounting firms, we arm commercial real estate owners, executives, and tenants with the data and analysis required to accelerate depreciation, maximize deductions, and capture tax credits.

At Capstan Tax Strategies, we stand out because of our:

Experienced Team. Capstan’s founders have 80+ combined years of commercial real estate and specialty tax experience. Many of our team members are active members of the American Society of Cost Segregation Professionals (ASCSP) and Capstan’s cost segregation work product is in compliance with the ASCSP MSQ 2016 standards.

Exceptional Quality. Every report undergoes a rigorous engineering and tax quality review to ensure the accuracy, quality, and consistency of information we deliver to clients.

Excellent Relationships. One of Capstan’s greatest strengths is our ability to build and nurture relationships. Accounting firms refer us time and again because they know they can count on us to be a true partner to their business. The same holds true for real estate owners that engage us directly. We are a genuine advocate for all clients.

Efficient Back Office. Capstan has built an innovative technology platform to drive speed, accuracy, and efficiency as we capture data, analyze input, and deliver studies to our clients.

The Capstan Difference

You can’t control the tax code, but you can take a smart and strategic approach to maximizing the tax efficiency of fixed assets. A critical step: finding the right partner.

Capstan Tax Strategies collaborates with clients to identify tax savings opportunities related to Tangible Property and other Fixed Asset Regulations. With a clear understanding of each client’s business situation and goals, we deliver specialty tax strategies and engineering-driven solutions. Our offerings include a suite of Cost Segregation options to address client-specific scenarios, as well as other consulting services that provide the critical data required to support expense-versus-capitalization decisions and the determination of disposition values.

Count on Capstan to be:

Collaborative. We act as a true partner to accounting firms, complementing in-house expertise and aligning to each firm’s engagement preferences. We can serve as a “front-stage” consultant to clients or deliver behind-the-scenes support to augment in-house expertise. We also work closely with real estate owners who depend on our expertise to maximize tax savings on real estate holdings.

Competent. With a team of highly experienced engineering, business, and tax experts, Capstan is a partner you can trust to help interpret tax code and apply prudent strategies related to real estate assets.

Committed. Capstan thrives because we consistently deliver a high-quality product in a timely fashion. To date, our team has successfully prepared more than 5,500 Cost Segregation, Unit of Property, and other engineering-driven studies for clients coast to coast.

What is a Capstan?

Hundreds of years ago, a capstan was a crucial tool aboard wooden ships. Typically located at the center of the main deck, the capstan was a rotating machine that provided the force necessary to maneuver the heavy ropes that lifted sails and dropped anchors. To operate the capstan, sailors had to work together as a team—each making a timely and effective contribution.

Today, Capstan Tax Strategies is a professional services firm that helps CPAs and their commercial real estate clients to navigate Tangible Property and Fixed Asset Regulations. With our collaborative and consultative approach, we assist your team with the “heavy lifting” of detailed, engineering-driven solutions required to maximize tax efficiencies.


Services for CPAs

In the face of growing tax code complexity, it’s almost impossible to cover every area with in-house resources. For expertise in understanding and applying the myriad of complexities with the Tangible Property regulations and other IRS Code impacting commercial real estate, turn to Capstan Tax Strategies.

Services for Business Owners

Accelerating depreciation has long been a strategy employed by real estate owners to take advantage of immediate tax savings. The Tangible Property Regulations and the recent Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has created significant opportunities that elevate the many uses of Cost Segregation Studies. Learn how Capstan can help.

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