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What is a Capstan?

Hundreds of years ago, a capstan was a crucial tool aboard wooden ships. Typically located at the center of the main deck, the capstan was a rotating machine that provided the force necessary to maneuver the heavy ropes that lifted sails and dropped anchors. To operate the capstan, sailors had to work together as a team—relying on each other to do their part and achieve success. 

The capstan represents teamwork and trust – our core values.  

Capstan Tax Strategies is a true partner to our clients, functioning as a seamless part of their teams. 

Our commitment to integrity and transparency has earned us the trust of professionals nationwide. 
We’re all in the same boat.  
Let’s work together to raise the sails – and achieve your goals.  

The Capstan Course


In partnering with and delivering services to clients, Capstan follows a proven four-step approach:

Consult. We take the time to listen and understand each organization’s situation and goals.

Recommend. With that understanding, we suggest appropriate specialty tax strategies and supporting studies to execute on those strategies.

Study. Our engineers and specialty tax advisors complete and deliver the appropriate studies, providing the data and analysis needed to move forward.

Support. Capstan Tax Strategies stands behind our work, providing no-cost IRS audit support to any client who requires it. That’s the Capstan Warranty.



You Support Your Clients.
Let Us Support You.

At Capstan we’re here to help. Not just when you have an active project on the books or when you’re in talks about an opportunity. Always.

We understand the challenges our CPAs face, and we’ve created a system of supports to help mitigate those difficulties.  


You’re Building Your Business. Let Us Deal with Your Taxes.

Our technical team implements engineering-based tax strategies that improve cash flow and maximize tax savings.

We’ll partner closely with your tax professionals to make the process easy. We’ll take care of the details, so you can get back to business.

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